3 Blogs That Inspire Me

Starting a blog can be a daunting task. There are thousands out there – and many that look incredibly scary and professional.

Remember that everyone has to start somewhere. Instead of letting fancy blogs psyche you out, use them as inspiration!


Here are some blogs that inspire me:


#1) Spirited Pursuit

Spirited Pursuit

Spirited Pursuit describes itself as:

Dynamic stories, captivating photography, and curated city guides for those in spirited pursuit of travel, adventure, and new cultural experiences

Blogger Lee Litumbe has an absolutely magical way of telling a story through her words and her photographs. Here are some pictures that she included in a post about her trip to southern Africa.

Despite how beautiful Lee Litumbe’s photographs are, it is her sharing of cultural experiences in other countries that makes her blog truly extraordinary. In one of my favorite posts (pictured above), Litumbe tells of her travels to Southern Africa Schools through an interview with Rebecca Crook. Litumbe asks Rebecca about herself and her month long trip to Africa via public transport to document schools and their learners in Southern Africa. In between each question, Litumbe includes a picture of the schools she has visited. She asks Crook questions about her travel experience, how she planned for the trip, and about the photography.

Litumbe likes to meet local people as she travels and uses her blog to share their stories with the world. I think that this type of blogging is incredibly important in a world where so many value their own world-view over everyone else’s. Spirited Pursuit teaches others through breathtaking photographs and stories.

I hope to inspire others in the same way that Litumbe has inspired me. Her blog is not about herself, but about the world and what a beautiful place it can be.


#2) The World of Wanderlust

World of Wanderlust

This chic blogger tells us about herself and her blog:

Well, hello there! I’m Brooke Saward. I created World of Wanderlust back in 2012 as a way to share my travel experiences with family and friends so I wouldn’t have to repeat myself…. my, how far we’ve come! I have always loved to travel but never thought I would be able to make it my job. It was a pipe dream I long had, however here I am 4 years later blogging for a living. Dreams do come true!

Brooke Saward takes a bit of a different approach to the art of blogging. She’s a solo traveler who started her blog years ago as a way to keep up with family and friends. Now, she posts insider guides on various cities, gives tips to solo travelers and those going overseas, and lists things to do for both those traveling cheap and those taking the luxury route. It certainly doesn’t hurt that she’s absolutely beautiful.

I was instantly struck by her post “29 Things To Do In The Maldives,” quite possibly because I’m just dying to go to the Maldives.


The main reason that this blog inspires me is because it is a real life success story. This young woman with a great love for traveling managed to make it her career. While her blog is clearly aimed towards the upper class, it gives great suggestions on what to do in stunning destinations across the world. I scroll through the sleek white pages of Saward’s blog just dreaming of jetting off by myself across the deep blue sea.


#3) Wandering Georgian

Wandering Georgian

I randomly stumbled across this blog one day whilst in philosophy class dreaming I was traveling the world instead. This blog is not as “professional” as the two previous, but has a simple lovely outline that makes it seem so. This 21 Georgian boy describes himself as:

Born and raised in Screven County, Georgia, I am twenty one years old and currently based out of the Atlanta area. I enjoy being in nature and exploring new places. I grew up always playing outside, in nature and without the constant need for technology. This same mentality has followed me through my life. Now I am wandering both Georgia and the adventures this world has to offer me. I am working as a brand ambassador and traveling photographer.

kkkk.jpgIMG_3011.jpegdownload (1).jpeg

While David’s blog is simple, it seems to suit him well. He tells of his weekend trips and small adventures in a way that makes you crave getting away. It accomplishes what it seeks to do – inspire.


As you venture off into blogland, think about who you hope to inspire and what you hope to inspire them to do. Go out and find what inspires you, then turn around and show the world what you’ve got to offer it.

With love,



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