Hello, everyone! I’m Courtney and I’m an English major with Teacher Licensure and a Sociology minor at Elon University.

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Teaching Fellows

I am extremely to call myself a member of the 2019 Teaching Fellows Cohort at Elon University! The Teaching Fellows Program includes a scholarship, study abroad stipend, academic programming, and two winter term trips – one called the “History Study Tour” and another junior year in Washington D. C. Through Teaching Fellows, I have gained valuable academic experience in and out of the classroom and met lifelong friends.

Read about last year’s History Study Tour through North Carolina, Virginia, Philadelphia, Boston, and Gettysburg! These posts were originally part of my class project for English 319.



Class projects

ENG 363 – Teaching Literature Multimodal Final

Teaching Literature, taught by my academic adviser, Kim Pyne, has been my favorite class at Elon thus far. Throughout the semester were asked to question what “literature” really is. Dr. Pyne pushed us to consider whether various forms of media such as film, audio, and graphic novels should also be classified as literature even though they are not traditional text. Then, for our final project, we were asked to write a paper stating our personal philosophy on literature and how it should be taught in the classroom. In addition to the paper, we were asked to turn our statement into a multimodal project. This is the blog post I wrote for my project, aimed to explain my personal philosophy to the parents of my students.

ENG 319 – Writing Center Final 

Freshman year, I enrolled in the Writing Center class purely because it was a requirement for my major. While the point of the course is to prepare you for work in Elon’s Writing Center, I gained a whole lot more expertise than I was expecting including how to tutor peers, edit multimedia projects, and work with resumes. As a Writing Center, we focus on collaborating with students, faculty, and community members and asking the right questions to make them better writers. In the process, I have personally become a better writer. Our final project was to create any piece of writing that we have always dreamed of writing but have never been able to find the time. I knew immediately that I wanted to start this blog!